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Calosoma inquisitor cyanescens male CALINQC> Calosoma inquisitor cyanescens male  North Korea 2.75€  Quantity : 

pair AULJAN> Carabus (Aulonocarabus) jankowskiellus male  North Korea 4.50€  Quantity : 

pair AULJANP> Carabus (Aulonocarabus) jankowskiellus Pair  North Korea 4.50€  Quantity : 

pair AULJANP1> Carabus (Aulonocarabus) jankowskiellus Pair A-  North Korea 2.25€  Quantity : 

Cicindela chinensis flammifera CICCHI> Cicindela chinensis flammifera  North Korea 6.00€  Quantity : 

Cicindela sumatrensis CICSUM> Cicindela sumatrensis  North Korea 4.50€  Quantity : 

Cicindela sumatrensis pair CICSUMP> Cicindela sumatrensis pair  North Korea 8.00€  Quantity : 

Coptolabrus jankowskii fusanus (Langling) female COPJANJF> Coptolabrus jankowskii fusanus (Langling) female  North Korea 4.00€  Quantity : 

Coptolabrus jankowskii jankowskii (=fusanus) (Langling) pair COPJANJP> Coptolabrus jankowskii jankowskii (=fusanus) (Langling) pair  North Korea 9.00€  Quantity : 

Aromia bungii male A- AROBUN> Aromia bungii male A-  North Korea 4.50€  Quantity : 

Aromia bungii pair AROBUNP> Aromia bungii pair  North Korea 11.00€  Quantity : 

Copt.smaragdinus branickii(Longmen)  pair COPSMABHP> Copt.smaragdinus branickii(Longmen) pair  North Korea 15.00€  Quantity : 

Coptolabrus smaragdinus yanggaensis pair COPSMAYP> Coptolabrus smaragdinus yanggaensis pair  North Korea 18.00€  Quantity : 

Geotrupes (Phelotrupes / Chromogeotrupes) auratus GEOAUR> Geotrupes (Phelotrupes / Chromogeotrupes) auratus  North Korea 3.00€  Quantity : 

Carabus (Diocarabus) caustomarginatus female DIOCAUF> Carabus (Diocarabus) caustomarginatus female  North Korea 10.00€  Quantity : 

Carabus (Diocarabus) caustomarginatus pair DIOCAUP> Carabus (Diocarabus) caustomarginatus pair  North Korea  Quantity : 

Tomocarabus sp. P TOMSPEP> Tomocarabus sp. P  North Korea 8.50€  Quantity :