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End of promotion 2024/12

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Terms and Conditions
This Web shop proposes dried dead specimens, Not prepared. Sales by correspondence.
The lists on this Web site are not exhaustive. New specimens will be proposed to you throughout the year.
Quality of the specimens:

The specimens proposed are of the first quality (A1 Specimen perfect) except mentions A1A-; A-; A2.
A1A-: -10 % on the price A1: virtually complete(perfect), very light defect. Good quality.
A-:         -50 % on the price A1: with defects, but of respectable, often repairable.
A2:        -75 % on the price A1: second choice. Specimen with important defects. Can be used as reference for the rare species sometimes repairable.

The signs +- (more or less ) mentioned after the size of a specimen means that 1 mentioned specimen for example 100mm+- can measure 98 to 102mm. As a rule +- it's more or less 2mm.

Quality of packing:
The specimens are preserved, not prepared with the usual annotations of place and date of capture.(full data)
We take the greatest care to the individual conditioning of the specimens with materials of high quality: stainless steel staples, food white paperboard, first choice of microporous transparency cellophane...
A very particular care is also granted to packing for forwarding.
Our experiment since 1979 enabled us to develop conditionings resistant to transport.
- Codes of quality:
A1/A- -10% on the A1 price: Virtually perfect, very light defect. Good quality.
A-     -50% has on the A1 price: With defects, but of sizeable, often reparable quality.
A2     -75% on the A1 price: Second choice. Specimen with important defects can be used as reference for the rare species.

Washington Convention (CITES):
We do not propose species subjected submitted to CITES but if it was the case the species protected by Washington Convention and possibly suggested on our lists are provided with the numbers and dates of CITES imports for E.U. and re-export CITES permit for other Countries.
The prices are mentioned in €uro, custom charges, airport duties, pack and postage… not included. For free Pack and Postage click on the follow link
The partial or total refund of the paid according to the method of payment sum can be actual in case of not availability of specimens and after refusal of proposals of exchange or credit note on a later order.
Minimum order is 10 €uros.
When you benefit from a reduction coupon, the order) has to be superior or equal to the amount of the reduction coupon.
The number of different references by order is henceforth 50, beyond you will have to seize a new order form
We shall keep your order during 10 working days, it will automatically be cancelled when the deadline for the payment is exceeded.
to note: Further to computing problems: some specimens which can be mentioned as available are not it regrettably any more. It can disrupt your desiterata. Will us try hard to us to propose you specimens of replacement or to generate you a credit available on the next order. Sorry for this problem independent from our will.
If certain charged specimens are not in the received parcel, it must be indicated to us as quickly as possible, they will be added i the next delivery if certainly they are always available. The charges of postage and packaging will be chargeable to the customer if that this do not want to wait for the next delivery and to have an early sending


The average deadline of delivery is of 8 days

Modify your delivery address temporarily or quite other information (More information)

Modify your coordinates

Modify a delivery address temporarily

Modify your coordinates

Before placing an order, thank you for verifying the delivery address and if need be modifying it. We would not know how to be considered as person in charge of a not correct delivery address and consequently a sending the bad place.

To modify to follow the procedure this below

Fast access

>>>My account

>>> I am already recorded

>>>Identify you

>>>Modify your coordonates

Will not be considered us as person in charge of an erroneous delivery address not modified by your care


You also have the possibility of modifying the delivery address of the order during your order

From the phase 3: mode of delivery and payment.

> If need be click to modify the delivery address.

> You have then: seizure of a new address.

Will not be considered us as person in charge of an erroneous delivery address not modified by your care


You also have the possibility of modifying the delivery address of the order during your order

From the phase 3: mode of delivery and payment.

> If need be click to modify the delivery address.

> You have then: seizure of a new address.

After having validated your basket you can pay various ways:

1) Bank account transfer
2) Postal Bank transfer         
3) Bank Check in €uro only, make out by your bank, payable in , in foreign or French Bank settle in France. (If possible do not fold the check)
4) International Postal Money order
5) Western Union: Western Union Sending:
 The validation of the payment by Credit Card is taken into account as soon as the amount registered in the bank account.
The parcels are dispatched in "Registered International Colissimo with insurance”.
It should be noted that the payment by bank card accelerates the process of the treatment of your order.
Parcels are sent as a rule on Fridays except setback or unforeseen
Specimens return: The consumer has a extension of 7 working days as from the delivery date of his order to return any specimen not agreing him and to ask for the exchange without penalty, with the exception of the expenses of return. The product will necessarily have to have returned to perfect state, in its undamaged original packing. He must be possibly accompanied with all his accessories. In defect, you will lose your right /law of retraction and the product will have returned to you to your expenses.

>In case of modification of order by our care for not availability of certain specimens for example; You will have 48h00 to answer to the notification of this modification which will be sent you by email, without answer from you on 48h00 this modification will be considered as accepted and the parcel will be sent to you without appeal / recourse by your care.

Points of fidelity program

Phases of the treatment of your order:

1) Your order validated you receive an email confirming you that it is registered by our care

3) Your order is treated, put in preparation from reception of the payment. An email is sent to you

3) Your order is finalized and is sent to you from its ended preparation, an email is sent to you with the tracking number and invoice.

Usual abbreviations:
M=male; F=female; P=pair; T=trio (usually LM+M+F); Du=duo (usually LM+SM); E.P. =ex-pupae; sp=specie; ssp=subspecie; S=small species; D=middle; L=large; G=giant; SP=spread; Tel=telodontha; Mes=Mesodontha; Amp=amphiodontha; etc.

The study of insects being in constant evolution, specific and generic names can be modified without preliminary notice.
We make a commitment to mention most exactly possible the differences of colors and sizes. As regards natural specimens, colors, tones and drawings can sometimes change. Photos are not contractual for all the specimens of the same specie.
Size of scorpions is mentioned head to tail, claws not included.
to note:

Antivirus software:
We use professional quality antivirus software to send of all our e-mails and all computer units’ control. They are also controlled by our Internet access provider, thus we cannot be thus considered as person in charge as the losses or the damages resulting from virus or from any assimilated program. The addressee is warns that he has to use his own antivirus software.