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End of promotion 2024/12

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» Points of fidelity
Points of fidelity

June 16, 2008
Points of fidelity

Benefit of points of fidelity which will accumulate in the course of your orders.

 When you will have a total of 1000 points you will benefit from a discount of 10 % on the total except VAT (except pack and postage).

1) The Program points of Fidelity
In order to thank you of your fidelity, we launched our Program "Points of Fidelity". 
This Program is simple. When that you gone shopping on win you Points. Once these valid points, you will be able to use them in order to regulate your future orders on This Program began on Mondays June 16 2008, all order done from this date will do you to win points.
2) How work this program? 
When you record yourself to win yourself 20 points and for past every order, the Total Amount of this one is used to calculate the number of Points of Fidelity. These points are added to your account Points of Fidelity in validation expectation. All your points in validation expectation are listed in the section To Manage my points of fidelity of your account customer and there remain until they approve/confirmed by as soon as the points in expectation are approved, your account is credited value of these points. The Points of Fidelity do not expire and can be accumulated until you decided to use them. You must connect yourself to your account in order to be able to show the statute of your points of fidelity. The expenses of pack, postage and of VAT are excluded from this amount. 
3) Points of Fidelity and Value
When you will have a total of 1000 points you will benefit from a discount of 10 % on the total except VAT on the order which will follow (except pack and postage).
4) Will I win points on the special offers or promotions? 
Yes, at the time of the calculation of the amount of Points of earned Fidelities with your order, the products in promotion, sales flash, special offers, etc. are included. We suggest you to verify this page uniformly for we can come to change our conditions. 
5) To Sponsor friends!
Thanks to the system of sponsoring, you to win points. You will have credited of 20 points the moment the godson will pass his first order. These points are added to your account Points of Fidelity in validation expectation. 
6) Conditions of Usage
Them Points of the Program of Fidelity are not valid that for the recorded customers of
Those Points of our Program of Fidelity only can be collected and used for online purchases and are not valid that on
Those Points of Fidelity are refundable and cannot be exchanged between members of the Program of Fidelity. The Points of Fidelity are non-transferable or exchangeable against money cash, this in all circumstances. 
The Points of Fidelity will not be reimbursed if your order comes to be cancelled. 

At the time of the calculation of the Points of earned Fidelities, the expenses of pack, postage and the VAT of your orders are excluded.