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» Philippines Mindanao
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Brenthidae specie Enganao BRENENG> Brenthidae specie Enganao  Philippines Mindanao 3.00€  Quantity : 

Acanthothorax sp. female ACASPEF> Acanthothorax sp. female  Philippines Mindanao 2.00€  Quantity : 

pair MECBASF> Mecocetus basalis female  Philippines Mindanao 1.50€  Quantity : 

pair MECBASFS> Mecocetus basalis set 5 females  Philippines Mindanao 5.00€  Quantity : 

pair MECBASP> Mecocetus basalis pair  Philippines Mindanao 3.00€  Quantity : 

pair MECBASP1> Mecocetus basalis pair A-  Philippines Mindanao 1.50€  Quantity : 

pair XENSQUP> Xenocerus squalaris pair  Philippines Mindanao 3.00€  Quantity : 

Acronia pretosa female ACRPREF> Acronia pretosa female  Philippines Mindanao 3.00€  Quantity : 

Acronia pretosa pair ACRPREP> Acronia pretosa pair  Philippines Mindanao 6.00€  Quantity : 

Allodisus sulcatipennis ALLSUL> Allodisus sulcatipennis  Philippines Mindanao 3.00€  Quantity : 

Amiger grassata male AMIGRA> Amiger grassata male  Philippines Mindanao 5.00€  Quantity : 

Amiger grassata pair AMIGRAP> Amiger grassata pair  Philippines Mindanao 9.00€  Quantity : 

Amiger grassata pair A- AMIGRAP1> Amiger grassata pair A-  Philippines Mindanao 4.50€  Quantity : 

Chrysochroa fumninans cobaltina CHRFULCO> Chrysochroa fumninans cobaltina  Philippines Mindanao 1.50€  Quantity : 

Pachyrrhynchus apoensis A- PACAPO1> Pachyrrhynchus apoensis A-  Philippines Mindanao 2.50€  Quantity : 

Pachyrrhynchus caeruleovittatus PACCAE> Pachyrrhynchus caeruleovittatus  Philippines Mindanao 5.00€  Quantity : 

Apriona rixator male APRRIX> Apriona rixator male  Philippines Mindanao 5.00€  Quantity : 

Apriona rixator male A- APRRIX1> Apriona rixator male A-  Philippines Mindanao 2.50€  Quantity : 

Pachyrrhynchus helleri A- PACHEL1> Pachyrrhynchus helleri A-  Philippines Mindanao 2.00€  Quantity : 

Pachyrrhynchus inclinatus PACINC> Pachyrrhynchus inclinatus  Philippines Mindanao 4.00€  Quantity : 

Pachyrrhynchus specie N°3 A- PACMIN3.1> Pachyrrhynchus specie N°3 A-  Philippines Mindanao 3.00€  Quantity : 

Pachyrrhynchus niticisi PACNIT> Pachyrrhynchus niticisi  Philippines Mindanao 7.00€  Quantity : 

Pachyrrhynchus niticisi set 4 pcs A- PACNITS1> Pachyrrhynchus niticisi set 4 pcs A-  Philippines Mindanao 10.00€  Quantity : 

Pachyrrhynchus postpubescens PACPOS> Pachyrrhynchus postpubescens  Philippines Mindanao 4.00€  Quantity : 

Pachyrrhynchus pseudamabilis PACPSE> Pachyrrhynchus pseudamabilis  Philippines Mindanao 5.00€  Quantity : 

Pachyrrhynchus purpureus PACPUR> Pachyrrhynchus purpureus  Philippines Mindanao 5.00€  Quantity : 

Pachyrrhynchus shavrini 20mm PACSHV> Pachyrrhynchus shavrini 20mm  Philippines Mindanao 10.00€  Quantity : 

Pachyrrhinchus venustus PACVEN> Pachyrrhynchus venustus  Philippines Mindanao 9.00€  Quantity : 

Poteriophorus monilifasciatus POTMON> Poteriophorus monilifasciatus  Philippines Mindanao 8.00€  Quantity : 

Batocera magica pair BATMAGP> Batocera magica pair  Philippines Mindanao 9.00€  Quantity : 

Cereopsius quaestor female CERQUAF> Cereopsius quaestor female  Philippines Mindanao 5.00€  Quantity : 

Cereopsius quaestor ssp. CERQUAM> Cereopsius quaestor ssp.  Philippines Mindanao 3.50€  Quantity : 

Epepeotes luscus male EPELUS> Epepeotes luscus male  Philippines Mindanao 5.00€  Quantity : 

Glenea versuta male GLEVER> Glenea versuta male  Philippines Mindanao 5.00€  Quantity : 

Paracupta sulcata male PARSUL> Paracupta sulcata male  Philippines Mindanao 4.00€  Quantity : 

Hemiphaedimus inermis female HEMPHAF> Hemiphaedimus inermis female  Philippines Mindanao 5.00€  Quantity : 

Ixorida (Mecinonota) mindanaoensis male A- IXOMIN1> Ixorida (Mecinonota) mindanaoensis male A-  Philippines Mindanao 1.50€  Quantity : 

Ixorida (Mecinonota) mindanaoensis pair IXOMINP> Ixorida (Mecinonota) mindanaoensis pair  Philippines Mindanao 7.00€  Quantity : 

Protaetia (Euprotaetia) nox female PRONOXF> Protaetia (Euprotaetia) nox female  Philippines Mindanao 10.00€  Quantity : 

Protaetia scepsia female PROSCEF> Protaetia scepsia female  Philippines Mindanao 5.00€  Quantity : 

Thaumastopeus cupripes male black forma THACUPB> Thaumastopeus cupripes male black forma  Philippines Mindanao 3.00€  Quantity : 

Thaumastopeus cupripes A- male black forma THACUPB1> Thaumastopeus cupripes A- male black forma  Philippines Mindanao 1.50€  Quantity : 

Thaumastopeus cupripes female black forma THACUPBF> Thaumastopeus cupripes female black forma  Philippines Mindanao 3.00€  Quantity :