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Rothschildia arethusa male ROTARE> Rothschildia arethusa male  Paraguay 15.00€  Quantity : 

Lethocerus maximus 97mm+ LETMAY> Lethocerus maximus 97mm+  Paraguay 12.00€  Quantity : 

Canthon edentulus CANEDE> Canthon edentulus  Paraguay 4.50€  Quantity : 

Canthon lituratus CANLIT> Canthon lituratus  Paraguay 3.50€  Quantity : 

Canthon mateui CANMAT> Canthon mateui  Paraguay 4.50€  Quantity : 

Phenax variegata PHEVAR> Phenax variegata  Paraguay 8.00€  Quantity : 

Canthon quinquemaculatus female CANQUIF> Canthon quinquemaculatus female  Paraguay 2.50€  Quantity : 

Canthon quinquemaculatus female A- CANQUIF1> Canthon quinquemaculatus female A-  Paraguay 1.50€  Quantity : 

Canthon septemaculatus CANSEP> Canthon septemaculatus  Paraguay 6.00€  Quantity : 

Canthon (Goniacanthon) smaragdulus CANSMA> Canthon (Goniacanthon) smaragdulus  Paraguay 4.50€  Quantity : 

Canthon unicolor unicolor CANUNIU> Canthon unicolor unicolor  Paraguay 3.50€  Quantity : 

Coprophanaeus spitzi female COPSPIF> Coprophanaeus spitzi female  Paraguay 3.00€  Quantity : 

BDeltochilum komareki DELKOM> BDeltochilum komareki  Paraguay 2.50€  Quantity : 

BDeltochilum pseudoicarus DELPSE> BDeltochilum pseudoicarus  Paraguay 5.50€  Quantity : 

Bothynus cylindricus pair BOTCYLP> Bothynus cylindricus pair  Paraguay 8.00€  Quantity : 

Bothynus deiphobus mâle BOTDEI> Bothynus deiphobus mâle  Paraguay 6.00€  Quantity : 

Bothynus exaratus BOTEXA> Bothynus exaratus  Paraguay 5.50€  Quantity : 

Bothynus medon male BOTMED> Bothynus medon male  Paraguay 4.50€  Quantity : 

Dichotomius ascanius male DICASC> Dichotomius ascanius male  Paraguay 6.00€  Quantity : 

Dichotomius bitiensis DICBIT> Dichotomius bitiensis  Paraguay 20.00€  Quantity : 

Dichotomius glaucus female DICGLAF> Dichotomius glaucus female  Paraguay 4.00€  Quantity : 

pair DICMORF> Dichotomius mormon female  Paraguay 12.50€  Quantity : 

Dichotomius mormon pair DICMORP> Dichotomius mormon pair  Paraguay 24.50€  Quantity : 

Dichotomius nitidissimus DICNIT> Dichotomius nitidissimus  Paraguay 60.50€  Quantity : 

Dichotomius bicuspis pair DICOBISP> Dichotomius bicuspis pair  Paraguay 12.50€  Quantity : 

Dichotomius carbonarius pair DICOCARP> Dichotomius carbonarius pair  Paraguay 5.50€  Quantity : 

Dichotomius carbonarius pair A- DICOCARP1> Dichotomius carbonarius pair A-  Paraguay 2.50€  Quantity : 

Dichotomius deyrollei female DICODEYF> Dichotomius deyrollei female  Paraguay 2.00€  Quantity : 

Dichotomius deyrollei pair DICODEYP> Dichotomius deyrollei pair  Paraguay 8.00€  Quantity : 

Dichotomius sericeus DICSER> Dichotomius sericeus  Paraguay 6.00€  Quantity : 

Dichotomius torulus valdiviae pair DICTORVP> Dichotomius torulus valdiviae pair  Paraguay 8.00€  Quantity : 

Eurysternus caribaeus male EURYCAR> Eurysternus caribaeus male  Paraguay 4.50€  Quantity : 

Rhina (Rhinostomus) barbirostris RHIBAR> Rhina (Rhinostomus) barbirostris  Paraguay 4.50€  Quantity : 

Rhyncophorus palmarum RHYPAL> Rhyncophorus palmarum  Paraguay 5.50€  Quantity : 

Eurysternus nigrovirens male EURYNIG> Eurysternus nigrovirens male  Paraguay 6.00€  Quantity : 

Eurysternus parallelus male EURYPAR> Eurysternus parallelus male  Paraguay 4.50€  Quantity : 

COEBICP> Coelosis bicornis P(Pinned)  Paraguay 5.50€  Quantity : 

Coelosis hyppocrates femelle COEHYPF> Coelosis hyppocrates femelle  Paraguay 10.00€  Quantity : 

Euetheola humilis humilis EUEHUM> Euetheola humilis humilis  Paraguay 2.50€  Quantity : 

Callipogon(=Orthomegas) jaspideus mâle 62mm (pinned,separate pin) CALJAS> Callipogon(=Orthomegas) jaspideus mâle 62mm (pinned,separate pin)  Paraguay 7.50€  Quantity : 

Megaphanaeus ( Coprophanaeus) ensifer male 50mm MEGENW> Megaphanaeus ( Coprophanaeus) ensifer male 50mm  Paraguay 20.00€  Quantity : 

Onthophagus hirculus pair ONTHIRP> Onthophagus hirculus pair  Paraguay 4.50€  Quantity : 

Heterogomphus ulysses male 35-38mm HETULS> Heterogomphus ulysses male 35-38mm  Paraguay 4.50€  Quantity : 

Heterogomphus ulysses male 42-43mm HETULT> Heterogomphus ulysses male 42-43mm  Paraguay 6.00€  Quantity : 

Heterogomphus ulysses male 47mm HETULU> Heterogomphus ulysses male 47mm  Paraguay 10.00€  Quantity : 

Heterogomphus ulysses couple (male 44-46mm) HETULUP> Heterogomphus ulysses couple (male 44-46mm)  Paraguay 15.00€  Quantity : 

Phanaeus prasinus female PHAPRAF> Phanaeus prasinus female  Paraguay 3.50€  Quantity : 

Corvicoana albiventris CORVALB> Corvicoana albiventris  Paraguay 15.50€  Quantity : 

Dorcadocerus barbatus female DORBARF> Dorcadocerus barbatus female  Paraguay 2.50€  Quantity : 

Strategus centaurus female STRCENF> Strategus centaurus female  Paraguay 24.50€  Quantity : 

Strategus mandibularis male 57mm STRMAO> Strategus mandibularis male 57mm  Paraguay 22.00€  Quantity : 

Strategus validus female STRVALF> Strategus validus female  Paraguay 8.00€  Quantity : 

Euphoria lurida EUPLUR> Euphoria lurida  Paraguay 3.50€  Quantity : 

Mallodon (Stenodontes) spinibarbis female large STESPIF> Mallodon (Stenodontes) spinibarbis female large  Paraguay 4.00€  Quantity : 

Gymnetis bajula red form GYMBAJR> Gymnetis bajula red form  Paraguay 50.00€  Quantity : 

Gymnetis carbo GYMCAR> Gymnetis carbo  Paraguay 10.00€  Quantity : 

Gymnetis carbo A- GYMCAR1> Gymnetis carbo A-  Paraguay 5.50€  Quantity : 

Gymnetis hebraica GYMHEB> Gymnetis hebraica  Paraguay 6.00€  Quantity : 

Gymnetis pantherina GYMPAN> Gymnetis pantherina  Paraguay 8.00€  Quantity : 

Hoplopyga ocellata HOPOCE> Hoplopyga ocellata  Paraguay 10.00€  Quantity : 

Marmarina maculosa insculpta MARMACI> Marmarina maculosa insculpta  Paraguay 18.00€  Quantity :